DoggyPaw™ Dog Nail Grinder

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Never stress about clipping your pet's nails again!

Did you know that trimming your dog's nails regularly has many health benefits? These benefits include maximum comfort for your dog when walking. In addition, trimmed claws ensure that your dog does not slip or injure itself on the sharp long claws.

We know that trimming your dog's nails isn't always easy. Many dogs become aggressive or scared when you show up with nail clippers! You also run the risk of cutting your darling's paw and you definitely want to prevent that! It's all history now! Make life easier for you and your darling with doggypaw™!

Benefits of DoggyPaw™

 Simple and safe grinding of the claws.
 No more cutting claws with pliers or a clipper.
 The powerful and quiet motor that your dog hardly hears.
✓ Inexpensive, no more visits to the vet to have their nails clipped.
 No batteries are required, simply charge via USB.
 Easy to clean grinding head so the doggypaw™ lasts longer.
 Suitable for all pets: dogs, cats, rabbits, etc.


Step 1: First, familiarize your dog with the device by letting him smell the doggypaw™ and hear the sound.

Step 2: Choose the appropriate opening for the grinding head according to the size of your dog's claws.

Step 3: Hold the doggypaw™ in one hand and your dog's paw in the other. Put your dog's claw in the appropriate hole and grind it to the desired length.

Tips for using the Doggypaw™

Tip 1: Try to grind the claw at a 45-degree angle if possible so that the claw has the right shape.

Tip 2: Reward your dog before and after grooming to help develop a positive attitude towards nail sharpening.

Tip 3: On average, 5 seconds of grinding per claw is enough to get the claw to the right length.

Tip 4: so that you can enjoy your doggy paw™ for a long time, it is important to remove any nail residue from the sanding head. Remove dirt with a dry cloth.


  • Charge time: 2 hours
  • Run time: Up to 4 hours
  • Charging mode: USB charging
  • Battery: Built-in battery


  • 1x Electric Pet Nail Trimmer
  • 1x USB Cable
  • 1x User Manual



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