Robotic Yo Yo Cat Toy

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The main reason behind all these conditions of your cat can be inactivity. However, you need not worry about this anymore as this robotic yoyo cat toy will attract your cat's attention and make it highly active. This toy will encourage your cat to jump and bite which will eventually increase its hunting instincts and make her fresh and active. It is a furry ball attached to a long rope that will attract your cat's attention and keep it engaged.

Toys encourage your cat to play, jump, catch and bite, and the hunter's desire to eliminate the most instinctive cat reaction. This is perfect fun for your furry friend and he will definitely enjoy it. The toy will do up and down motions which will trigger cat hunting instinct. Give your cat the fun that deserves and make her happy.

6 Reasons Why Our "Robotic Yoyo Toy" Will Change Your Life

✅ Attracts and Engages Your Cat: Robotic Yoyo features interactive movement, an attractive feather ball, and a strong load-bearing rope that will grab your cat's attention and keep them stimulated and engaged to release energy and have fun.

✅ RELEASE ENERGY, REDUCE ANXIETY, AND IMPROVE IQ: The Robotic Yoyo will stimulate your cat's curiosity and natural hunting instincts and is great for helping your cat to release energy, eliminate boredom, reduce stress, and reduce anxiety. Interactive playing also stimulates your cat's mind and can improve their IQ.

✅ SMART INTERACTIVE FUNNY TOYS FOR CAT: The cat can play by itself without affecting your work. And Your pet cat can play with it to have fun when it's alone at home instead of feeling boring.

✅ ATTRACTIVE TOY: The hairball can be replaced with other toys, your cat will fall in love with it. this auto cat Interactive toy stimulates their minds and encourages them to engage in active play. Your cat will no longer feel anything to do. The cat toys will keep your cat busy and get them up and down. Besides, it can reduce loneliness, release the pressure of your cat.

✅ DURABLE & PET SAFE: The Robotic Yoyo is made of environmentally friendly and durable food-grade ABS material that is bite-resistant, scratch-resistant, and safe for your pet.

 CHOICE OF TWO OPERATING MODES: The Robotic Yoyo gives you the option to choose between two operating modes, manual shut down or timed shut down to save power.

✅ EASY TO CLEAN: The Robotic Yoyo can be wiped down for easy cleaning. 

Your worries become history if you buy these "Robotic Yoyo Toy"!

Do you find it difficult to find a harmless toy for your cat? You don't need to worry about this as this ROBOTIC YOYO CAT TOY is made with very soft, bite-resistant, scratch-resistant, and food-grade ABS durable material that will not hurt your cat at all.

The main focus while creating this toy was the safety of your cat. This yoyo toy can also help to release stress from your cat and help it get rid of unnecessary fat. It is also a good way to divert your cat's attention when you are busy working. It comes with two operating modes, you can set it on manual shutdown and when you are not at home you can set it on timed shut down before leaving home so after a certain time it will shut down automatically.

Package Includes:


Product Specifications:

  • Material: ABS + rabbit hair.
  • Withstand weight: the rope bears 10kg.
  • Power supply: 2 AAA batteries (not included).



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